Hey lovelies, welcome back. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day? Just some days ago I ran out of cotton pads to take my makeup off and i was wondering what to do because I wasn't about to wash my face and stain my sink with all that make up I had on. Nope, I... Continue Reading →

SPOILED LIPS: Monthly Lip Bundles

Hey guys! How is your weekend going? I'm back with another review. The brand I'll be reviewing is spoiled lips. Spoiled lips is a makeup brand that deals mostly on lip products. It also has a few eye palettes and the best part is - it's quite affordable. I've never heard of this brand tbh... Continue Reading →


Hey there darlings! Let's have a little bit of English 101 lecture. Today's topic is on vocabulary and our word of the day is; BRAVE - it could be an adjective, a noun or verb BUT whatever form it takes, it is associated with facing and enduring something without showing fear. SYNONYMS; courageous, heroic, daring,... Continue Reading →

Beauty Trends in Ancient Days

When it comes to beauty, people do crazy things. We want to follow the latest trends and we sometimes don't care about the side effects of most of these beauty trends, all we care about is looking beautiful at that point in time. I read some articles about beauty trends in different eras. Let's get... Continue Reading →

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