Hey guys! How're y'all doing? I'm here with the part 2 of my new favorites: music-wise. As I said in part 1, this would be more of American music and a little bit of other music. Let's get started... Disclaimer: I might put some artist under American music that are not actually American. AMERICAN: Bibia be... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, I'm back again. I just got nominated for my first liebster award. I'm thankful to Abby's apparel for the nomination. Check out her site, she has interesting contents. RULES FOR THE LIEBSTER AWARD  Link back to the person who nominated you. Also try to give their blog a little promotion. Provide 10 Fun facts... Continue Reading →

Beauty Trends in Ancient Days

When it comes to beauty, people do crazy things. We want to follow the latest trends and we sometimes don't care about the side effects of most of these beauty trends, all we care about is looking beautiful at that point in time. I read some articles about beauty trends in different eras. Let's get... Continue Reading →

A LOVE beyond

" motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing " - Ricki Lake I was looking at a wedding photo, it was a simple regular picture but I was captivated by the bride in her white wedding dress. Skin so fair, smile so bright and that hair! Black, curly and long - I bet... Continue Reading →


I haven't had the zeal to write these days mostly because my major hobby is laziness 😩. But let's get down to it before I loose the energy... PSEUDO = NOT GENUINE; SHAM SYNONYMS = FAKE , FALSE, MISLEADING, INSINCERE. There are a lot more but I chose these ones because they're the most related... Continue Reading →

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