Hey lovelies, welcome back. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day? Just some days ago I ran out of cotton pads to take my makeup off and i was wondering what to do because I wasn't about to wash my face and stain my sink with all that make up I had on. Nope, I... Continue Reading →


Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. It is new year and yes I am almost a month late but I just want to appreciate everyone for taking the time out to read my posts. Thank you, you are all amazing. It is 2019 and I am definitely not your typical "resolutioner" but there is nothing... Continue Reading →

Lost Chronicles

Hey guys! How're you doing? Maps are really helpful but sometimes it's useless and I know this 'cause I've gotten lost a lot more than you can imagine even while using the map. Lost chronicles is about all the times I got lost trying to figure out my direction and decided to turn it into... Continue Reading →

SPOILED LIPS: Monthly Lip Bundles

Hey guys! How is your weekend going? I'm back with another review. The brand I'll be reviewing is spoiled lips. Spoiled lips is a makeup brand that deals mostly on lip products. It also has a few eye palettes and the best part is - it's quite affordable. I've never heard of this brand tbh... Continue Reading →


Hey there darlings! Let's have a little bit of English 101 lecture. Today's topic is on vocabulary and our word of the day is; BRAVE - it could be an adjective, a noun or verb BUT whatever form it takes, it is associated with facing and enduring something without showing fear. SYNONYMS; courageous, heroic, daring,... Continue Reading →

Allure Beauty Box | Review

Hey guys! Back again with another blog! I'll be reviewing the Allure beauty box - the price, the shipping and the contents. Price: The Allure Beauty Box subscription prices - $15 per month or $150 per year. But as a first timer, you get $5 off your first box and a full size Tarte Amazonian... Continue Reading →

Fears & Insecurities

"Everything you want is on the other side of fear." - Jack Canfield "The only kind of murder that should be considered legal is murdering your fears and insecurities." - Deohay Insecurities come hand in hand with fear. You're Insecure about your beauty, so you're scared to show your face and you mask it with... Continue Reading →


Another award 😆! And I owe it to Roseallureblog for the nomination. Thank you for nominating me for this award, I'm grateful. Answering to Roseallureblog's questions; What is your favourite song at the minute and why?  L.A.N.C.E by June's Diary. I just discovered this song and it has a catchy tune to it.  If you could live... Continue Reading →

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