Hey lovelies, welcome back. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day?

Just some days ago I ran out of cotton pads to take my makeup off and i was wondering what to do because I wasn’t about to wash my face and stain my sink with all that make up I had on. Nope, I wasn’t in the mood to wash a stained sink, so I had an idea and that idea led to this post, so let us get started. Beauty hack number;

#1 – Ran out of cotton pads? So if you’re like me and you use water cleanser to take off your makeup, then you know how cotton pads are a necessity. If you’re out of cotton pads and you happen to have handkerchief, soak the cloth with your cleanser and wipe your makeup but unfortunately I didn’t have any cloth lying around. Hence #2.

#2 – Makeup wipe not moist enough? Frustration is buying makeup wipes that are not moist enough to wipe your makeup off that you end up using force. Now you can stop torturing your face and soak your wipes with water cleanser/makeup cleanser. This is what I did when I ran out of cotton pads and my dry ass wipes were just sitting there screaming use me. If you have neither, I guess soaking it with petroleum jelly could work?

#3 – Don’t have a brow spoolie brush or the one you had just broke? A friend actually taught me this trick way back in uni days when I was just learning about makeup. If you have an old mascara just lying around, take the application part, wash it and use it as your eyebrow spoolie, it would save some dollars in your purse. Start saving those mascara spoolies, they just might come in handy.

#4 – Ran out of foundation? And you just happen to have a concealer that matches your skin tone? Then use it. Don’t spoil your day or ruin your slayage by something that little. I’ve ran out of foundation before but I had a roommate with a similar skin tone to mine, Thank God ’cause my concealers were nothing close to my skin tone. Always have a concealer that matches your tone around, you never know, you might not be lucky to have someone that uses your same foundation shade, except you’re rich enough to buy foundations in bulk.

#5 – Ever want to match your lipstick with your eyeshadow? I’m sure everyone is like no one thinks that just you and maybe you’re right. Sometimes I just want a monotone look but my shadow colors are different from my lipstick colors. It’s annoying having a green shadow and a pink lipstick on (not that you’d ever catch me wearing that but you get my point), instead of buying new lipsticks or new palettes to match up, just go in with the lipstick (matte preferably) as both your eyeshadow and lipstick color.

#6 – Don’t have a contour kit/concealer or you just ran out? Go into your eyeshadow palette and use a dark brown shade that suits you as your contour. I don’t have a contour kit and the concealer I have is too dark for me and using a dark brown shade from my palette to contour, saves me a couple bucks and it’s way easier to control application because it’s powder, you could always dust the excess off.

That is all the beauty hacks I have for you guys today. Let me know which ones you’ve tried out or heard before. Also let me in on some of your beauty hacks in the comment below, you never know who you’d be saving in the comment section.

Have a wonderful day lovelies.




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