Lost Chronicles

Hey guys! How’re you doing?

Maps are really helpful but sometimes it’s useless and I know this ’cause I’ve gotten lost a lot more than you can imagine even while using the map. Lost chronicles is about all the times I got lost trying to figure out my direction and decided to turn it into an adventure while pretending to be a photographer, all for the purpose of calming my nerves and forgetting my present situation – creating something positive out of something negative

PS: I’m not a photographer, I have no photography skills 🙂

12/16/2017 – lost in Ashland but thank God for train stations. I’m literally the happiest person ever when I come across them because it’s easier to route my way home with trains

03/13/2018 – lost in Downtown Chicago. I remember being so freaked out, so I left the train station, was going to take a bus to my destination but I missed it. Instead of waiting for another bus to come I decided to walk and well, I got lost. From having a panic attack walking on the bridge ’cause I felt like I was going to fall through the tiny spaces I could see on the bridge walk to my data finishing on me – wasn’t fun at all. But thank God for nice people.

03/17/18 – I can’t remember if I was lost here or I was just in love with the 50 shades of blue sky. I don’t even know where this is

As I said earlier, I’ve been lost more times than you can imagine and sometimes it’s because my map is having mood swings and other times it’s because my phone choose the right moment to die on me – and oh God! That’s the worst. You start thinking of how you’re too young to die and you haven’t even said your final goodbye to love ones, you think of the kids and husband you don’t even have yet and all of a sudden, everyone on the street is a potential killer or kidnapper. When you finally make it back from the city of nowhere – you start talking about how you’re a changed person and how you’re fully committed to Christ and after a day or two you’re back to your old self. Being lost is one of my scariest moments but as my dad once told me – when you find yourself in a difficult situation, instead of crying, think of a way out. And besides, there are scarier moments than being lost on the streets.

Love, deohay!


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