SPOILED LIPS: Monthly Lip Bundles

Hey guys! How is your weekend going? I’m back with another review. The brand I’ll be reviewing is spoiled lips.

Spoiled lips is a makeup brand that deals mostly on lip products. It also has a few eye palettes and the best part is – it’s quite affordable. I’ve never heard of this brand tbh but thanks to Instagram and their ads πŸ™„ trying to make me bankrupt πŸ˜ͺ

Spoiled lips also has monthly subscription bundles you could choose from. They have A) lip sets: 2 lip product every month. B) lip trio: 3 lip products every month C) bi-monthly palette: eye palette every 2 months. For prices;

Here’s the link to the subscription bundles

I did the lip trio bundle. Funny thing is I didn’t even remember I ordered this, when I saw it in my mail box I was surprised, I had to double check.

Lip Shade – sway. It’s a pretty matte dark green shade but I wouldn’t wear it like that, probably play around it with other lip shades or maybe I just might πŸ€”

Lip shade – pretty please. It’s a matte pink metallic lipstick. I’m not big on metallics but I’d probably use it over another shade ’cause it looks pretty.

Lip shade – coco. My favorite from the lip bundle. It’s a matte dark brown shade. Just a lip liner + coco and I’m good to go.

I also swatched them on my hand. My swatching skill is poor, please don’t judge. I think they’re all long lasting, I haven’t used them out but when I tried cleaning the swatches with wipes – it was a struggle.

I wish everyone a blessed weekend and remember to have fun for two. Love you guys 😘


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