Fears & Insecurities

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

– Jack Canfield

“The only kind of murder that should be considered legal is murdering your fears and insecurities.”

– Deohay

Insecurities come hand in hand with fear. You’re Insecure about your beauty, so you’re scared to show your face and you mask it with layers and layers of make up. You think you’re not worth loving, so you’re scared to put your self out there. As a Medical “almost” doctor, I say that you’re on your path to self harm and the only medications/treatments I can prescribe are;

1) Changing your thought process surgery. 

2) Face your fears and insecurities IV injection.

3) believe & love yourself mask.

CHANGING YOUR THOUGHT PROCESS: This is more of a self surgery process. If you’ve never heard of self surgery before, well you’re hearing it (or most likely reading it) today. What I need you to do is first of all realize that is not going to be easy, take a deep breath…and out. Next step; you’re going to dissect your brain and no, you don’t need scalpel for this. Once that is done, begin to flush out all the neurotoxin that are eating up your mind and causing you to belittle yourself. Take away all the negatives and replace them with positives.

FACE YOUR FEARS AND INSECURITIES:  I read somewhere that fears and insecurities are unconsciously created by you and if you don’t create them, they don’t exist. Why I’m prescribing this as an IV injection is because I need it to go directly into your bloodstream and injections are the most effective administrative method. You need to gather up all the courage in you, face all your fears and insecurities, put them to sleep. You created them and only you can uncreate them. If you don’t face them, your dreams would just be dreams. No one ever achieved great things in life by being limited by fears or insecurities. You want something so badly? Go against the obstacles and achieve it. Don’t be scared of failure but learn from it. STOP BEING A CHICKEN.

BELIEVE & LOVE YOURSELF: This should be the only drug one should be addicted to but not too addicted, we’re not trying to create narcissist here. This is almost like oxygen mask, we all know oxygen is important, so is believing in yourself and loving yourself. Just as you don’t depend on people to breathe for you, don’t depend on people to tell you how beautiful or smart or creative you are. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what you can or cannot do. Don’t be scared to try something out all on your own. If your success depends on you waiting on people, you’re on a limited budget. I’m going to go all cliché here and say change your “I can’t” to “I can”. Instead of “she’s/he’s better than me” say “I aim to be the best of me” “I am beautiful in my own way”. Always remember God created you in his own image and God is beautiful and so are his creations.

Everyone has their fears and insecurities including me. You look at someone and think they’re better than you but what you don’t know is what and how much of what they’re struggling with. I hope we know how brave, capable and significant we are even when we feel like we’re not.

” Bravery is not the absence of fear. Bravery is feeling the fear, the doubt, the insecurity and deciding that something else is more important “

– Mark Manson


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