Hey guys! How’re y’all doing? I’m here with the part 2 of my new favorites: music-wise. As I said in part 1, this would be more of American music and a little bit of other music. Let’s get started…

Disclaimer: I might put some artist under American music that are not actually American.


Bibia be ye ye: by Ed Sheeran. Yes I know, he’s English. Bibia be ye ye means “all will be well” and it’s in Twi (a Ghanaian language).

L.A.N.C.E: by June’s diary. I just recently discovered this song and I’m so in love with it at the moment. It has a catchy tune.

Sky walker: by Miguel ft Travis Scott.

Consuela: by Belly ft Young Thug and Zack. The music video is hilarious.

Such a boy: by Astrid S. I love this song but if you’re not into sounds like this, you might not find it likable.

Most girls: by Hailee Steinfeld. #girlempowerment #selflove πŸ’ͺ❀

Young dumb & broke: by Khalid ft Lil Yachty and Rae Sremmurd.

Malfunction: by Lil Uzi Vert

He like that: by Fifth Harmony. Okay girls, I feel you 😍

Ready for it?: by Taylor Swift. I was never a Swiftie but I’m feeling the new Taylor Swift and I wasn’t ready for it.

Wait your turn: by Rihanna. It’s old but golden. I don’t think I can get tired of her music.

Reggaeton lento remix: CNCO ft Little Mix. #catchy.

Marmalade: by Macklemore ft Lil Yachty

Blue dream: by Jhene Aiko. I don’t really listen to her music but earlier this year I heard my friend play it and ever since then I got hooked.


Ego: by Willy William. This is the french version and I love his dance moves. I have the US version on my phone because I love how he made it sound French. Ego US Version.

Moi aimer toi: by Vianney. The only thing I understand is “mascara” and I’m sure we’re both referring to different things but I still love this song.


Don’t Recall: by a group called K.A.R.D. This is currently the only korean music I’m into. They’re so unique. Their sound and act is so different from what I’m used to. I heard this earlier this year and had to download it and I’m feeling this song.

These are all the songs I’ve been into lately (okay, not all). I keep playing them over and over again. Comment which one you enjoyed listening to. Let me know your favourite music worldwide, it doesn’t matter which language it’s in (I’m open to all languages). πŸ˜™

link to part 1: deohay!🎧🎡prt-1/?preview=true


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