Hey loves! how’re y’all doing? I’m extremely happy. I get to be free for 2-3 weeks because the doctor has gone on a vacation๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’†. So, my clinical rotation is on pause and I couldn’t be more happy because I’ve been so tired these past few weeks, for real!

So, today I want to talk about what we ladies should always have with us as we go out to work, dinner or even visit friends.

โ–  HAND SANITIZER: If you’re like me that can’t keep her hands off her face, this is a must. But whether you can or cannot, it doesn’t matter, just have it with you because we tend to use our hands for a lot of things and we pick up germs.

โ–  LOTION/MOISTURIZER: This is a must have especially for those with dry skin or those who are always ashy even after putting on lotion 20 times in 1 minuite ๐Ÿ˜ฉ.

โ–  PERFUME: Dear ladies, always carry a portable size perfume. This really comes in handy when you sweat to eliminate the sweat smell and even if you don’t sweat, just for a touch up. I was on a train and this girl came and sat by me, she didn’t have BO but then she didn’t smell good probably because it was so sunny outside and she had perspired. That’s why perfume is a must have in your bag.

โ–  DENTAL FLOSS: I’m not a big fan of this because I hate the feel of it between my teeth but if you’re not me, always have it with you. If you’re like me, opt for toothpicks which I still hate because I tend to stab my gums with them ๐Ÿ˜ข. This comes in handy when food particles gets stucked in your teeth spaces.

โ–  MOUTHWASH/CHEWING GUM/PEPPERMINTS: If you want to go with the three, that’s fine. If you want to go with one, that’s still fine but just always have one of these with you. There’re portable sized mouthwash you could get, you don’t have to go carry the family size one and say Dara told you to. These comes in handy when you feel your breath is bad or you ate something that gave you a bad breath.

โ–  HAIR COMB/BRUSH: I mean, sometimes it feels like the breeze is our #1 enemy. If it’s not blowing off our wigs, it’s ruining the hair we spent hours styling. And also, there are times I feel like my hair gets scattered when I’m so stressed out from school, don’t know how it happens but it does. Finally, when you take a quick nap in class or work, you’ll need a comb/brush.

โ–  LIP BALM/VASELINE/CLEAR LIP GLOSS/LIPSTICK: If you’re going for a natural look, we all get it but what we don’t get is your cracked up lips. Always go with a lipbalm, portable sized vaseline or a clear lip gloss for touch ups. Go with the lipstick or colored lip gloss you used, if you have a full make up on.

โ–  POCKET TISSUES/FACIAL WIPES : Girls, I really don’t need to tell you this. These are literally travel necessities but it’s also an everyday needed product. The facial wipes shouldn’t be necessarily for your face, you could need it to wipe up something like a chair before you sit or a not so difficult stain because of it’s moistness. That’s why I use baby wipes because it’s cheaper and I can use it for my face and whatever.

โ–  SANITARY PADS: When you’re getting closer to your period or you’re on your period always grab 1 or 2 pads along with you. The number of pads you go with depends on the severity of your period or how long you’re gonna be away from home. If you don’t track your periods because they don’t follow the rules of cycle, girl! go with a pad everyday, if possible.

Other necessities you should always go with because you never know when you’ll need them are:

โ–  An ID card /(&) passport 

โ–  A power bank & charger cord

โ–  A pen 

โ–  A good book to read

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Thanks for stopping by. If there’s anything I missed, let me know in the comment section ๐Ÿ˜™



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