I can remember, as a child, when I was given 5 Naira, I’ll sit down and plan out the things I could buy (honestly, it could only get me a Tom Tom sweet or a banana chewing gum). I felt so rich telling people I had 5 naira and that my mum gave it to me. Nothing was too small a gift for us when we were younger but as grown ups, we’ve stopped to cherish the little meaningful gestures thrown at us. If you can’t get me an iPhone 20 plus, forget it babe, your love isn’t enough.

A friend shows up to your birthday party with no gift and you decide to act like they don’t exist. Why? What if she was broke at that moment or what if she is planning something out for you, like a trip? Is it not better she showed up without a gift than not showing up at all? Her presence should be what matters most. Your boyfriend gives you a $50 note without you asking and instead of thank you, ” really, $50? what the fuck do you think I’m gonna do with $50? Buy your dysfunctional dick? I don’t know what I’m still doing with you, I should be with a real man who knows my value and can treat me right.”

We should learn to appreciate even the very little things because there are people out on the road wishing for someone to show them love or give them half a dollar. How would you feel if out of the kindness of your heart, you buy a friend a gift and because it doesn’t meet her standards of what a gift should be like, she throws it back at your face, like literally throws it at your face, and to top it up, she hisses, gives you the middle finger and walks away? Not a good feeling, right? Well, that’s how they feel too.

Even if it’s not what you expected or wished for, accept it and sayΒ thank youΒ because you don’t know if they sold their pride to get that for you, you don’t know how many years they must have saved up money to get it. They don’t have to buy you a mansion or get you a customized ferrari to show how much they care.

Okay, he bought you a fake Hermes bag, and so? At least it is still Hermes. Some people are out there flaunting their target and walmart bags with pride, what’s your complain? He got you a Lexus when you asked for a Range Rover? Huh, I see. How stupid of him but do you realize people are under the sun waiting to take a bus and some are feeling depressed because they missed their train?

Honestly, I feel you shouldn’t care about the gift but the gifter. Care about the fact that they went out of their way just to please you. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be happy about the gift but your main focus should be on the one that gifted you, show them some love back, show them you really appreciate their effort. Okay, fine! you hate the gift but instead of whining, you could politely tell them you hate it Β “I’m glad you got this for me even if I don’t like it but because it’s from you, I’m still going to accept it”

If you told me yesterday, that I would be the happiest person ever if someone gave me tissue rolls, I’d have rolled my eyes at you while saying you’re not serious. I and my housemate ran out of tissue a few days ago and she told a friend to buy just 1 tissue but he bought like a pack and we didn’t know about it until this morning when we opened the storage. This was literally us… ” awwww! he bought a pack of tissue. aaaaaawwwwww! that’s so nice. aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww!!!” If you saw us you’d be like it’s just some damn tissues, I agree but it didn’t feel like that. This morning I really needed to use the bathroom but I had to hold it in –> TMI – because I thought we ran out of it. We weren’t “awing” because of the tissue but because the timing was right πŸ˜‚ if you know what I mean. To us, he was a hero, the GOAT, a knight in shinning armour, He was prince charming Β (okay we get it, Dara πŸ˜’).

If we saw the pack of tissues when he bought it, I’m sure we wouldn’t have recognized that was a nice gesture, Β It would have been more like ” oh, he got a pack of tissues. oh okay.”Β 

So moral of the lesson is that, some little gestures might seem meaningless at that point in time but in future it could do a lot. Learn to be grateful for everything in life, and we should learn not to let the little things go unnoticed.

I know it’s a bit lengthy but I got inspired by a pack of tissue πŸ˜‚ and I hope you got something meaningful from it.



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