I haven’t had the zeal to write these days mostly because my major hobby is laziness šŸ˜©. But let’s get down to it before I loose the energy…


SYNONYMS = FAKE , FALSE, MISLEADING, INSINCERE. There are a lot more but I chose these ones because they’re the most related words to this topic.

Pseudo-positivity is acting all positive, acting genuine, giving this pure vibe but the nature of it is that you’re masking off your true negative intentions. Let me give a common example; Being friends with someone not because you like his/her charisma but because of the things you could benefit like free food,  you’re friends with them because they’re rich, because they’re lit and you need the perfect squad; #squadgoals.

You won’t walk up to someone and be like “I like your car. Let’s be friends so you can give me free rides” No, you won’t, I won’t either. Instead you’d be like “OMG, you’re so funny, I like funny guys. And to top it off you’re so smart and inspirational. 21 years of my life, I’ve never met anyone like you until now. We’re gonna be good friends, I can tell. Oh by the way, you have a nice car, it suits your physique”

I’m sure we have all done this once or twice because we had to at that point, maybe we were in a situation and just maybe that was the only way out. But there are people who act like this because it’s part of them, it’s like a gene. They’ve made it a life career, they might have gone to school for it, you never can tell šŸ˜ž. They have selfish intentions but blindside us with this positive, motivational and inspirational vibes. They sing like angels but in reality it’s all auto-tune. You become trash, when you’re no longer of benefit to them.

The thing is, the ones on the inside never realize they’re being used. It’s the people on the outside that can sense it. It’s like being in a toxic relationship but you don’t care because all you see is green eyes and six packs but your friends and family know you’re slowly killing yourself.

They make themselves lord over our lives. They can come to your own house and act the boss. You find yourselve doing the most for them, like run errands for them, agreeing to everything they say (be it right or wrong ), but what do you get in return? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. But no, you won’t start realizing shit because somehow they’ve made it impossible for you to. They’ve portrayed themselves to be this bestest friend, No. 1 boyfriend, world’s best girlfriend. I seriously don’t know how they do it but that’s really amazing. That is skills man! To be able to fool someone that much and they never realize it for years to come until God decides to slap some serious sense into you because it’s like you sold the first one to the devil. And when you become woke, you start wondering how? How did I let this person use me like this? It’s actually not because you’re foolish, trust me, this happens to the smartest of people. I told you man! It’s skills or you could call it voodoo šŸ‘¹.

And funny enough, if someone is so kind to point it out to you, you start making excuses for them. Why? Because they’ve made you believe they’re 100% solid gold but they’re actually 90% gold plated. I used 90 because I like to believe that there’s good in every bad.

If you’re practicing Pseudo-positivity,  you’re doing more harm to yourself than good. At the end of it all, you’re going to be so lonely because your “so called friends” (in truth, they’re your slaves) won’t be foolish forever. And also it’s not by force to have friends. It better to be alone that have snakes around you.  Let’s not be the green snake in the green grass. If it’s love we’re spreading, let it be so and not love with 10 glasses of hate. I believe that, if you’re true to people, you’re true to yourself. And besides isn’t pretending tiring šŸ˜“?

But then, I’m just a girl who got bored. What do I know ? šŸ˜‰



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