Is she a HOE if she dates a lot of men in search of THAT ONE PERSON?

How are you people doing?  For me, I’m so bored. I don’t even know what to write. Let me go look for topic on twitter, I’ll be back πŸ˜….


I’m back with nothing. Everybody is just talking about Man U losing to abi Arsenal or one club like that πŸ˜ͺ.

πŸ’‘let’s talk about women and “their limited potentials”πŸ’‘

Guys can date, (sex is involved o), as many women as they want before they finally decide to get married, nobody’s business. My question is, can a woman do that without anybody tagging her – whore, hoe, bitch blah blah and blah?

Before you meet the person you want to spend your whole eternity with, you have to pass through many people (I mean date a lot of people). We all know that “true love” or whatever is not easy to find o. You may love someone who doesn’t love you back, is cheating  on you or just wants Netflix and chill ONLY (example; yoruba demons) and by the time you pass through all these just to meet that final bus stop, we are looking at 10 men or more that have seen in between your legs (relationship these days! Food no dey keep man again o).

And also,to the men; if you guys keep getting possessed by demons and spirits from your village and then keep dumping us anyhow like shit, why do you still have the nerve to call us names?  Is it our fault? Abi you don’t know we are looking for husband before we click 35? You think it’s only you people that are looking for good things? If you keep destroying our destiny, where will you go and look for better women? Is it in the spirit realm? Because basically, all the women in the real world, una don finish.

And girls, before you open your legs, make sure that guy is taking you and your relationship serious. I mean he doesn’t have to preach marriage to you but he should treat you well. He should put some respek on your name plus your family’s name. If you’re spending time with him and all he can think about is yansh and boobie (no decent convo), you better carry your legs back to your father’s house because at the end of the day, these men won’t say they’re the hoes and bitches, it’s us they’ll paint black abi red, blue? Any colour dem dey paint.

My own is – everyone is entitled to date as many people as they want (no matter the gender) but carry sense o as you dey waka. Your parents didn’t train you to win award in stupidity. Don’t be opening leg anyhow because you want to keep man. After you have done all the different positions, given it to him anytime he calls for it and your body come dey pain you add like say na you graduate 1st class upper in sexology, at the end of the day it’s you that’ll be suffering the shame when he dumps you and moves over to next person.

Back to men. If on the first date or second or third, you don’t like her character, let her go. Don’t keep her just because she’s sexy and you think she can ride good, she has like 20 other men to pass by before she meets the one. And if everyone of them keeps having sex with her and pressing all her assets until it’s pancake flat, who made her the whore? The poor girl was probably looking for someone to treat her right that she let herself be deceived. As you guys are looking for better things, we ladies are doing same. You don’t expect us women to just be sitting down and waiting for man (that was the olden days that you’d be coming back from stream and someone will notice you, come to your father’s house and tell your daddy ” I found a beautiful flower in your garden and I want to pluck it” and na so person go marry). We have to do notice me things. This life is hustle o, everything na hustle. No hustle, no chop.

Men, if you are possessed by demon, church dey, go for deliverance. Sex is not heaven or a must. Someday you’ll have a daughter, so treat women as you would want a man to treat your daughter. Women be wise, looking for love doesn’t mean at every station you must open your legs.

Date as much as you want because finding someone that would love you in the next 50 years unconditionally and would look at you in the same way as now is more difficult that looking for what to wear to a wedding or bachelor’s party.

Sorry for the long talk but I hope it made sense. 😊



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